Let the Food Journey Begin


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My relationship with food has been turned on its head.

Thanks to my recent enrollment at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I now realize I could be eating a diet that’s about 100% better than the one I’m currently eating. (And I didn’t think I was all that far off! Really.)

I get that sugar is public enemy No. 1, and that processed foods are a terrible evil, but to learn that supermarkets are corporate agribusiness headquarters, healthcare is more about treating the illness and not the cause, (yikes, it just got political!), my beloved club soda is a 3.0 on the acidic scale (and that means to never use or use sparingly—is everyday sparingly?!), and, well honestly I could go on and on and on, it’s all mind-boggling. Basically I need to rethink everything!

I’m freaked out.

But I’ll be ok. I’m not so freaked out that I can’t eat. (God forbid.) I just need to process a lot of information that’s been handed to me thus far. (And I’m only in week 7—there are 41 more weeks to go.) Yikes.

So needless to say, I’m making some changes. I’m paying more attention. I’m reading more labels. And I’m learning boatloads! Love it. This truly is life-changing stuff, and it isn’t new-agey, hippie propaganda, I swear. I’m not your girl for that kind of stuff. I like to think I keep things real, I’m down-to-earth and I’m as questionable and doubting as the next Thomas. But if you hear what I’m hearing, things would start clinking and cranking in your own head as well, I promise ye that!

So be prepared as I embark on this journey because gears are shifting and if you’re looking for a little healthy eating change in your life (and trust me, we can ALL benefit from a little different perspective every once in a while) then you’ll be hearing a lot more from me 🙂 (Please don’t unsubscribe, I promise I won’t be annoying about it!) 🙂

Just think of it as a little food for thought! This week we dive into the raw food diet. (David Wolfe anyone? Who is that you cry out? Just wait!) And while I’m all about cooking my veggies until they’re super soft or super crunchy, I’m definitely willing to try a little raw recipe this week. So if you’re interested or a raw foodie yourself, drop a comment, I’d love to hear your experience (or apprehension) about such a diet!

Happy eating my friends, let the food journey begin 🙂

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