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All the ingredients for mud pie!

Oh Kashi, the seven whole grain company, who doesn’t want to love you? I sure do. And believe me, I’m trying. Your products look promising on the box but as I sit here trying my hardest to get through one bowl of 7 Whole Grain Nuggets, I simply cannot deny it. I truly am totally grossed out. The cereal has immediately started to take on this muddied look and the taste, it’s like a pile of wet dirt. How do people eat this? I was so excited waking up this morning after spending $30 yesterday on healthy, whole grain, this is going to change my breakfast forever, breakfast items. But now, I feel duped. Granted, I should have been wary about the contents within the box since on the outside the cereal reminded me of little mouse pellets. But it said “crunchy cereal nuggets”. I like crunchy. I thought this could work. It’s healthy, no added sugars and chock full of fiber. (That right there should have sent red flags flying all over stating, “move on, there is no taste to be had here!” But I thought this is what I needed to start eating healthier in the mornings, right?) I also bought milled flax seeds to add to my cereal so I can get an additional boost of whatever flax gives you. And to top it off, Almond Breeze, which is some unsweetened non-dairy beverage that comes from almonds. I’m not sure about the process behind that, does some unidentified white liquid come from an almond if squeezed hard enough? Regardless, a whole glass is only 40 calories and zero, ZERO sugar. (Red flag.) Plus, it says right here on the label “Luscious Taste” and “The Preferred Taste Alternative”. I like taste so why not. Clearly however, “taste” is a relative term.

What a mess. I would take a photo for you so you could see my little concoction, but it’s pretty gross. Just imagine a pile of poo and we’re looking at the same thing. There was no crunch. There was no taste whatsoever. And there was no full serving of fiber digested here. All my good intentions just went right down the drain. Apparently I like sugar. It makes things taste better. But sugar is the evil ingredient, the beast behind the battle of the belly bulge, public enemy number one. What’s a girl to do?  Sacrifice taste for fiber? Go without sugar for a thinner waist-line? Keep experimenting with mud pies? I think my cereal has hardened to the point where I can use it as sealant. Not a total waste of 30 bucks I guess. I think I’m going to go make an omelet and call it a morning.