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New year’s resolutions. What can I say about them that hasn’t already been said? They stink. Plain and simple. We all know the drill and we see it every January in the gyms. Fast forward to March and the new year has revealed to us that it’s just another year, nothing special here, and the excitement of new possibilities.. well they’ve simply fizzled out. No mess, no fuss, no drama… the excitement has waned and our old ways prevail. Oh well. Better luck next year some say.

So this raises the question, why am I about to embark on resolution I set back in Dec (Dec 31st to be exact!) when I know full well that I’m gonna run out of steam by mid-February? (All those who make it to March, kudos to you.) Well… quite simply, because it’s January and I’m still in the new year’s resolution mode and I’m still (somewhat) excited about it. PLUS, I’ve learned my lesson from my clearly overachieving self of last year who was going to try something new each month for the whole year (seriously, who was I kiddingβ€”I made it to Feb 12). So this year I’m completely ahead of that game since I know that I have exactly one month to get my resolution done or it just ain’t gonna happen. (How’s that for motivation/pressure?)

So, what’s the resolution? What did I boldly declare on new year’s eve? I said that by the end of next year (being this year) that I would be able to do one (1) pull up. Just one. (Even in my new year’s eve party mode, I knew my limitations.) I also (stupidly) declared that it would be a perfectly executed pull up. I would start off with arms fully extended, just hanging there on the bar, not able to use any momentum as a booster. Bottom to top, just like that. Once.

And away we go…

Ok.. so not as bad as I thought, but those last few inches are always the toughest. (And happily I didn’t kick my son in the face as he happened to walk by!) So there you have it, my first video (why does it always suck to see yourself in a video?!) of a half a pull-up. Let’s see where I am a month from now. πŸ™‚

Anyone else have a silly resolution they’d care to share?!