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Michael Jackson STILL has the power to reach through those radio speakers and inspire me when I’m feeling oh so low. A few lyrics, a catchy beat, and a powerful message that I can be that change that’s needed… well, what more do you need to get you out of your funk? Seriously. (Unless I’m the only one who feels that way, then… awkward.)

But it can’t just be me, no way, that song’s awesomeness can reach into anyone’s psyche and make them feel resilient, powerful and able to make that change. 🙂

Why is it that these messages come to you when you most need them? Do you ever notice that? You’re walking along, minding your own business, and then life drives by and tosses out a big fat lemon that lands RIGHT in your path. You can’t get around the damn thing, so what are you supposed to do? Do you sit and wait for Minute Maid to come along and squeeze the pulp out of it so you can move forward? Or do you turn on the radio and wait for inspiration to come find you through the guise of the King of Pop? Well shoot, if I can sing while being inspired, all the more effective it’s going to be.

Seriously though, does the big, great Universe speak to us through songs? Can we actually believe that those lyrics were written just for us and that we were supposed to hear them at that exact time when we needed to rise up out of our funk and awaken our dormant resiliency? Are we fools to believe such new-agey thoughts?

I think so (not the fool part). True story: I believe the Universe appeared very purposely once and changed my life for the better when I was struggling the most. (Mind you, the Universe didn’t use the radio but instead my old TV—that used to take forever to warm up before you could see a picture or change the channel—to send its message. Well done Universe, well done.)

Let’s go back nine years. I’m living alone and struggling to get my life back on track after an unexpected, bigger than life, so big it could cause a solar eclipse, lemon landed right on me. (Not even if front of me, the damn thing literally landed on me.. or so it felt at the time.) For months I tried and tried to find answers, reasons, peace, closure, comfort… anything that would take the emotional pain away, all to no avail.

Enter Sunday morning and my old TV (and the Universe.)

Now let me just preface this with the fact that I’m a Catholic, but not the most devout. There is no church, confessions or daily practice for me. I figure that as long as I follow the Ten Commandments then I’m in good graces. (So far so good.) So that being said, I’m not one for watching those Church shows on TV and I’m an even less a fan of evangelists. They creep me out.

The Universe

Is my Mac trying to tell me something?

So there I am, turning on the TV Sunday morning and right away I hear a preacher, and I know it’s a preacher because I hear the word God and other religious catch phrases being thrown around, which instantly annoys me—not sure why—but try as I might to change the channel before I’m subjected to more, I have to wait, because you see, the TV is only just warming up, it too not ready to wake up and face the day.

So as I impatiently wait it out, that’s when it happens. The guy on TV says something that hits home. I’m actually dumbfounded and stare blankly at my blank screen. “What’d he just say” I say aloud to no one. I slowly back away from the TV with remote in hand and disbelief on my face, as the TV comes to life. And then poof! There’s this guy and I instantly know that he’s talking to me. Not to anyone else, just me.

I didn’t know who this guy was, I’d never seen him or heard of him before, but there he was, telling me what I had been going through, how I had been feeling and how there was restoration in store for me. (Ok, now this is where it gets a little Godly and such and no, I’m not a born-again Christian. But I tell ya, I was an avid watcher of this guy for years to come.) At that moment when I needed it most, I got a message. I got a big, huge message from God, the Universe, whomever is in control out there. And it charged me, it resonated within me and it helped to restore me.

Now granted, there’s a lot of work that goes into being restored and it just doesn’t (or didn’t) happen, but when you feel, finally, that you’re not alone, it changes you (despite actually being alone in your living room watching an evangelist, which can be really weird to tell people without them being like, “O…kay… you know they only want your money and oh, yea, we don’t live in middle America so you may want to cool your heels when talking about this in public.”) But whatever.. at that moment there was someone/thing that was trying to send me a message at just the right time when I needed it the most.

Weird? I thought so. Which bring me back to my question. Did Michael Jackson really just tell me to look in the mirror to find the change I needed to make just as life threw a big, fat lemon at me today?

He just may have.