For those who don’t know, I teach a wonderful class that’s filled with a group of great women who are always ready to go, ready to work it, and ready to push past those mental barriers that stop many from leading healthier lives! I really am lucky to have been able to meet and work with so many beautiful women who love what we do in our class. (Warrior Rising is a 75-minute class with 30 minutes of strength training followed by 45 minutes of yoga. It really is an unbelievable combination that works the body hard, but also provides reflection, flexibility and relaxation. How many other fitness classes offer that?!)

Well, like all things in life, every good thing must come to an end. Despite my love and enthusiasm for the class, things beyond my control have left us to unfortunately close the class. I’m not going to get into the details, but I’m also not going to lament and cry and feel depressed about it because I have gotten so much from it. I’ve met so many strong women who were so devoted to us that I know I’m walking away with so much more than what I came into this experience with! So here are a few words as to what these past two years have meant to me…

Warrior Rising has been many things to me.

It’s been inspirational. Motivating. Intimidating. Empowering. Fun. Joyful. It covers a wide range of emotions for me. When we first started out, I had no idea if I would be a good instructor to so many of you at once. I’m trained in one-on-one training and while I feel that I’m pretty darn good at it, I was extremely apprehensive about how that would translate in front of many. (The first class we ever did, I remember thinking when we did our first set of squats, my goodness there are a lot of knees I need to watch to make sure they aren’t going past those toes!) Plus, I was not someone who liked to be in front of people. Never a good public speaker and self-conscious beyond necessary, I was a wee bit frightened. What if nobody liked me? What if I injured someone because I wasn’t able to watch them closely enough? What if I supremely failed at this, then what? You know how the mind runs itself ragged once you slightly open the door to doubt. That’s exactly what happened. And on top of all those mind games, when we first started out, I was 7 months pregnant! Who wants a pregnant chick teaching them how to do squats when they’re thinking one false move and this girl can go into labor!

Fortunately no premature labor for me (in fact he was a week late and I think it was because he liked to attend the classes as well!). And once we got into the swing of things, my fears about being in front of all you wonderful women completely subsided. I was too excited to be a part of this community that we built that this “fear” that I had was quickly replaced by pure enjoyment. One of my happiest memories was getting some of you to do big-boy push ups when you were so sure that you couldn’t do any; that was so incredibly motivating for me! I loved that you all willingly pushed past your own self-limiting beliefs and succeeded! That’s what drives me. It makes me love even more that I chose to do this as a profession and I thank you all for that!

There were also the moments when many of you would tell me that you thought of me outside of class… like when you would be walking down stairs, squatting down to pick something up, or maybe even when you had to use the bathroom! The hard-ass trainer in me loved that as well! It meant that I got to those dormant muscles and brought them back to life! Yes, it’s true, your DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness – betcha didn’t know there was an actual name for what you were experiencing – especially the 2nd day!), made me happy! Together we were building strength and breaking down barriers that were going to help lead you to a more active and healthier life.

Strength training

Such joy from being able to teach all you wonderful women!

So as we move forward, I ask you all not to let the fact that our doors are closing let your own doors on fitness close. Stay motivated! Keep surprising yourself by accomplishing things you never thought possible (like doing a squat, into a push up, back up into a balancing ball toss, right into a plank jack…) Or something like that!

I’m diligently working on providing you all with other opportunities to stay fit and active, so please stay tuned as I work towards creating an experience as enriching as Warrior Rising!

You have all motivated me to keep teaching and have proven to me that I can surprise myself as well! My journey from fear to joy has led me here and while the journey is far from over, I’m optimistic about what comes next. So from the bottom of my heart I thank you all for everything you have given me!

Stay motivated and let’s keep breaking down those self-limiting beliefs because the truth of the matter is that we are all capable of so much more than we think are!

Love and peace to you all! Warrior on, always!