Here are a few of my past clients telling you how it is to work with me.

I had the pleasure of training with Anne Marie on multiple occasions last year. She came highly recommended from several sources and I can see why. She assess your abilities then tailors the workout to make the most of what you can do and where you want to get to. Her exercises were effective and easy to do on my own…she even gave me a tailored weekly schedule for when I workout on my own to continue to maximize on what she does during our training sessions. In addition, we discussed diet, nutrition and goals. Anne Marie will no doubt get you the results you want to see!  Angela D

Anne Marie has helped train me for many years. She is very knowledgeable, not only about fitness, but about nutrition as well. She works you out hard and sets high expectations for her clients. She makes a true effort to know her clients and to know what exercises would benefit them most. She is an excellent personal trainer and not only is she very personable but she’s a lot of fun too! It’s not easy to make fitness fun, but Anne Marie does it with her easy ways and motivational style.  ~ Amy S

I trained for more than two years with Anne Marie and I had a great experience by getting the results I wanted. She kept the workouts interesting and fun and pushed my limits. Anne Marie focused on my goals to lose weight and tone up. In working with her, I have changed my approach to health and fitness for the better!
~ Stephanie F

As soon as middle age crept upon me, my body seemed to do whatever it wanted.  It didn’t matter how much less I ate or how often I went to the gym, bottom line was I was starting to look like my Aunt Mildred (and that’s not good).  So I decided it was time to do things correctly and solicit the advice and instruction of a personal fitness trainer.  That’s when I contacted Anne Marie.

For a year and a half, Anne Marie worked with me and helped me sculpt my body. For an hour, twice a week, she provided a rigorous workout that included free weight training and various cardio-fitness exercises. Anne Marie put together a regimen of training that specifically worked with portions of my body that were problematic. And when she was not available, she compiled a sheet of exercise options I could use to keep myself energized.

Anne Marie is professional, personable and extremely encouraging.  I admit, I’m not the easiest person to work with and exercise is certainly not my favorite thing, but Anne Marie has helped make this fun, enjoyable and I love the fact that I feel stronger, look more toned and can actually eat more than I used to.
 ~ Diane M